There are multiple levels of consiousness that any living can achieve.Vedic philosophy is simple ask the right questions and u will find the answers that u seek . Answers are everywhere around u!U should know where to look for it and that requires to reach these levels for u to ask that question.The vedic philosophy is so simple that pre-BRUTUSH era there were a lot of people who had achieved this .In fact even the Mughal emporers had no objection to the people following this path. LOL it is funnily called the state of enlightenment but when in fact it is liberation.The Yavanas simply look for a path to “GOD” hahahaha but then what du permanently stay in heaven or hell ? It simply defies logic and common sense BUT the vedic way is more simple and fulfilling in using the word MOKSH that is in a liberated state of mind, mind you not the body! As see you begin the journey in ur new state of mind u will see things in a totally new way and will then and only then realise that there are more levels that u can achieve and u begin to pursue them finally to realise the ultimate “TRUTH” or answer to life or whatever u may want to call it! Lok Maya


Universal Law

Nothing is complicated but a few simple things put together.

It can all be seen through the Universal Law which governs everything .It is again very simple when broken down in terms of


To understand thing just think in simple terms with passage of TIME the PRESPECTIVE will CHANGE.


PRESPECTIVE will CHANGE with passage of TIME.


CHANGE in PRESPECTIVE will occur with passage of TIME.

Always believe in simple thinking and that will lead to high living BUT NOT the reverse which says simple living leads to high thinking which I think is really stupid . There is a great saying in one of the oldest languages which says the same thing.

The saying goes like this in TAMIL:

சிரிச்சா யோசித்தால்தான் பெரிசா சாதிக்க முடியும்!

sirisa yosithalthan perisa sadhika mudiyum!

Only if the thoughts are small can big things be achieved!